Experience Designerand Strategist

Bridging passion and principles


Sky View


Learning, interpreting, and balancing business intentions, user needs, development limitations, today’s standards, and innovative possibility to create, iterate on, and prioritize product design.


Creating, maintaining, and improving on visual aids and communication tools that increase team velocity, reduce the amount of time spent in meetings, and set a standard for others to follow.


Keeping team members and stakeholders up-to-date to manage expectations, iterate quickly, and maintain team morale. Maintaining organization-wide transparency to ensure the integrity of customer experiences.

My powers for good

Global impact

For the last decade I’ve been creating and improving online services and tools that increase the social impact of over a million nonprofits in 236 countries.

Local impact

I’ve supported small businesses and community organizations with branding, graphic design, web design, and web development.



Information Architecture

Identification and definition of overarching structure, functionality, and relationship between elements, features, and systems.

Experience Mapping

Creating an experience framework by mapping user journey and interactive flows, and visualizing hierarchy and chronology of elements.

Wire Framing

Iterating with stakeholders to create interface layout structures that include desired elements and features while adhering to best standards, user research, and system limitations.

Interaction Design

Iterating on, identifying, and mapping out interactive experiences to maximize user delight and usability.

UX Writing

Creating first draft content designed to maintain user-experience integrity.


Building and iterating on prototypes to manage stakeholder expectations, empower fruitful user testing, and add to QA’s toolset.


User Testing

Identifying methods of outreach and participant collection. Creating and facilitating moderated and un-moderated user tests.

Data Analysis

Creating data visualizations to empower speedy analysis and transparent findings.


Consolidating findings and creating proposals, based on discovery and testing, to clearly communicate potential solution direction.


Business Interpretation

Collaborating with business representatives to fully understand the problems looking to be solved.

User Needs Analysis

Identifying the users' needs for which business is intending to create a solution.

Systems Analysis

Maintaining fluent knowledge of applications and system architecture to ensure high velocity during design phases.



Assessing resource availability within my team and negotiating necessary resources from collaborating teams to inform estimations.


Defining deliverables, delivery timelines, and risks to help set business expectations and goals.

Development Coordination

Creating, editing, or approving development instructions and acceptance criteria to ensure clear communication of intent and high velocity.